zaterdag 6 december 2014

Saint Nicholas implied in new scandal

Brussels (06/12/2014) - While christian people around Europe and less important parts of the world celebrate the traditional Saint-Nicholas Holiday with sweets such as marzipan bread, "mokskes" and with toys such as fart pillows and hulla hoops, the saintly man becomes yet again implied in a scandal, as a picture of a KKK gathering that was held in the 1950's emerges.

Scandal seems to be following Saint Nicholas these days. About a year ago it became known that the saint's all-time favorite slave black Peter was actually slaving for him without a valid slaving permit. Faced with this fact Saint-Nicholas-riots broke out in the streets of Amsterdam, Brussel and Paramaribo, and the spokesagent of SN issued an official apology on his behalf. This was the first time the unvulnerable sage ever apologized for anything, but now it seems likely that it will not have been the last time.

Is SN a white supremacist? Or a ghost? Where are his feet?
 In a controversial picture newly published in a KKK-related magazine in New Orleans Saint-Nicholas is seen at what seems to be a racist rally by the notorious group. The rally seems to have been held in 1950's a part of a general strategy to scare African-American people away from the area. Why Saint-Nicholas participated in these scare tactics remains unknown, since the press office of SN does not want to respond to the allegation following the worldwide publication of the picture in the press. One question is on everybody's mind: is SN a holy man with a special love for the young, or is he a racist? Hopefully we will be able to respond to this question as quickly as possible, but right now I am not touching the marzipan he let black Peter drop through the chimney. I will play on the PS4 he gave me a bit, though, since the evidence of his being racist is not conclusive yet.

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